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Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee oversees workplace safety and health issues in the District.

Health and Safety Committee Mandate

  • 7.11.1 Composition
    • one representative from each Workplace,
    • one District Executive Council liaison appointed by the District President,
    • the certified Health and Safety Officers as appointed by District Executive Council.
  • 7.11.2 Terms of Reference
    • The Committee shall:
      • consider matters pertinent to Health & Safety issues in the workplace and make recommendations to the District Executive Council,
      • ensure full inspections of all Workplaces.
    • The Health and Safety Officers shall:
      • serve as the certified District representatives on the Joint Health & Safety Committee,
      • report to the District Executive Council the proceedings of the Joint Health and Safety Committee, and on general matters of health and safety,
      • be knowledgeable about health and safety issues,
      • coordinate and oversee District health and safety matters,
      • participate in workplace inspections as required through the Joint Health and Safety Committee terms of reference,
      • provide training sessions for Workplace Health & Safety representatives,
      • participate in Critical Injuries investigations,
      • recommend to the District Executive Council a certified person as candidate for the position of Chairperson of the District Health and Safety committee,
      • receive and pursue concerns of Workplace Health & Safety Representatives or District members.
    • The Workplace Health & Safety Representative shall:
      • receive and pursue Health & Safety concerns of members at the workplace,
      • be a Health & Safety information resource for members,
      • participate in workplace health & safety inspections, as required,
      • participate in Critical Injuries investigations, as required,
      • attend training workshops on health & safety matters,
      • be the workplace representative on the District Health & Safety committee.

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