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Let us not take thought for our separate interests,
but let us help one another.

The OSSTF Motto

OSSTF District 11 serves the membership of four OSSTF bargaining units in the Thames Valley District School Board in south-western Ontario. Altogether, there are over 2000 active OSSTF members in District 11. Members of OSSTF are part of a well-organized union of teachers and educational workers. The provincial OSSTF is divided into Districts which correspond with the school boards, and each District is made up of bargaining units. Teachers' bargaining units are subdivided into branches or worksites which are the high schools within the District. Each level interacts with each other and with the members according to the Constitution and Bylaws of the OSSTF.


The strength of OSSTF is well known by the public. OSSTF commands respect in all areas:

  • collective bargaining,
  • professional development,
  • educational research,
  • and political action.

OSSTF members include thousands of educational employees who assist teachers as part of an educational team.


OSSTF prides itself on its democratic traditions. OSSTF was founded as an educational union in 1919, when a courageous group of men and women banded together to try to achieve equal pay for equal work and other basic rights for teachers. Since then, our nearly 50,000 members have become active voices at the school level, at the district level and at the provincial level.


Teachers and educational workers are protected by a strong collective agreement, actively enforced through grievances whenever necessary. OSSTF collective agreements guarantee that you will be treated fairly by your employer, including negotiated protections setting out how you will be evaluated, your salary and benefits, and all-important workload provisions which protect learning conditions for all secondary students. Whenever members need help, OSSTF is there with advice and assistance.


Decades of OSSTF research and training have produced a body of publications second to none. The OSSTF Resource Books, available from the Provincial Office, assist over 8000 requests each year and are particularly appreciated as a source of ideas and strategies for new teachers. Each year, OSSTF sponsors training workshops and conferences and organizes hundreds of local PD workshops. The provincial office maintains a Research Library which provides reference and research services for members of the Federation. It specializes in materials about educational and labour issues, especially those that are of interest to secondary educators in Ontario. In addition, the Library maintains a collection of legislative materials for Ontario including Acts, Regulations and Bills.

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