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District 11 OSSTF Executive Council

District Executive members serve two year terms and are elected by the entire District 11 membership in even numbered years in accordance with the District Constitution. District Councillors are appointed in accordance with Bargaining Unit Constitutions.

District Executive Positions Name Workplace Location
President Lisa MacMaster District Office
Vice-President Jody Harris Montcalm S.S.
Secretary Laurie MacDonald College Avenue S.S
Treasurer Richard Cracknell Lord Dorchester S.S.
Teachers' Bargaining Unit President Lisa MacMaster District Office
Occasional Teachers' BU President Sharon Young Kipp District Office
PSSP BU President Sandra Miller Saunders S.S.
ConEd Instructors BU President Marian Holley G.A. Wheable
District Provincial Councillor Designate: Lisa MacMaster District Office
Teachers' Provincial Councillor Designate: Jason Witty London South C.I.
TBU Councillor Glenna Atkinson London Central S.S.
TBU Councillor Karen Kading Glencoe District High School
TBU Councillor Sue Koudys Sir Frederick Banting S.S.
TBU Councillor Dan Machuk Medway H.S.
TBU Councillor Rachelle Martin A.B. Lucas S.S.
TBU Councillor Rebecca McLeod Glendale H.S.
TBU Councillor Lisa McMillan Clarke Road Secondary School
TBU Councillor Lindsay Recker Saunders S.S.
TBU Councillor Paul Reesor Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S.
TBU Councillor Jill Tuckey Woodstock C.I.
TBU Councillor Rebekkah Wilkin H. B. Beal S.S.
OTBU Councillor Paul Dawson Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S.
Chairperson (non-voting) Henk Bervoets Strathroy District C.I.
Non voting FS0 John Bernans District Office
Non voting FS0 Tim Davis District Office
Non voting FS0 Rebecca Calvert-Hamilton District Office
Non voting FS0 Steve Janik District Office
Provincial Secretariat Liaison Stephen Bloom Provincial Office
Provincial Executive Officer Karen Littlewood Provincial Office

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